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Hello! Thank you for checking out my website! 

My name is Colette Feehan, PhD. 

I am an audiobook director, voice actor, and linguist. I completed my PhD in linguistics using 3D/4D ultrasound to look at the anatomy of how voice actors make different voices. While doing my PhD research I realized the professor life just isn't for me so I decided to leave academia for a life in audio! 

I currently work full time as an audiobook director and part time as a voice actor. During the summers you can find me as one of the the Deans of Concordia Language Villages Spanish immersion program in Minnesota. 

Please take some time to peruse the links below of projects I have been involved in or learn a little bit about my research! For a comprehensive list of audiobooks I have worked on please visit the Audiobooks tab. 


Recording Studio

Recent Projects

1) Cobbler's Gulch - Zip & Animal Sounds

2) Oc-POE-ber Fest - Annabel Lee

3) Reminisce With Me - Melinda

4) Jane Eyre - Jane Eyre and Young Jane Eyre


1) Here is a link to a radio interview I did with WFIU

2) Here is a lay language paper from 2018 describing some of my research.

3) Here is another lay language paper from 2020 describing more of my research!

4) Here is a link to a media appearance on Michael's Mixdown, a podcast about all things audio!

5) Here is a podcast appearance on Storytelling Breakdown

6) Here is a link to my full dissertation

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