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I can provide many different kinds of voice over. Some of my favorites are young children (male and female), animal sounds, and adult women.

I can provide an array of different accents in English, as well as VO in Spanish (neutral or Argentinian) and Mandarin Chinese. 

What kind of audio you are looking for? I can provide Voice Over as raw files or as cleaned up and edited files. I have years of experience with acoustics so please let me know what kind of sound you are looking for and we can decide what's best for your project! 

I spent Fall of 2015-Spring 2021 getting my doctorate in Linguistics. My research focused on the Acoustic and Articulatory Phonetics of Voice Actors. In completing this dissertation I have become the world expert on the anatomy of vocal tract manipulation for VO and this unique perspective can help me pinpoint just the kind of VO you are looking for!